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 Face & Body Reading

Face Reading

  Interpretation of character and fate from the study of a person's face is called 'Physiognomy' or 'Face reading'. It is obvious that when we meet an unknown person, we try to understand his feelings by looking at his face.
So the origin of Physiognomy traces back to the date of origin of human beings. Indications of a person's progress in yogic path are described with respect to Physiognomy in Hindu text 'Svetasvatara Upanishad',
composed earlier than 500 B.C. According to Hindus, Samudra (deity of oceans) have first given 'Anga Samudrika' (Body language). King
Prahlada has contributed a lot to this subject. Chinese texts dating back
300 B.C., mention Physiognomy.

Body Language

  Reading body language is a valuable tool in job interview, it gives you more information than you could have. To succeed and to win over people you must be alert to what silent body gestures you are giving off, you also need to be aware of the interviewer's body language. The following are some examples of reading body language:

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