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A Personal Touch
Astrology is the study of the stars and how they reflect in human behavior on Earth.

  The planets, and their reference point to Earth also demonstrate patterns of events, population explosions, incidence of war and many other phenomena. This incredible discipline of astrology is as much art as science; as much intuitive as intellectual.

  Much information can be gathered from the observation of the Heavens. The personality of a person can be assessed through the Natal Chart, or Horoscope, the chart of the Heavens erected at the moment of birth. The influences of the individual can be measured and defined as the energies of the planets transit in their orbit, reflecting the environmental changes, challenges and unique opportunities that can enter any individual's life. Timing is crucial to success and these planets as they move through the zodiac can inform us of the best time table for success in each aspect of our lives.

  With the wonderful progress have made as we approach the Aquarian Age, computer electronics allows tremendous capability for research in this exciting field. The ability to catalog information and document aspects and angles of occurrences in the Heavens is astounding !!

  Here, at INNER MYSTERIES PROFILED, INC., we combine the ancient wisdom and the electronic accuracy of our age to bring you the absolute best delineation of your chart possible. We attend to detail and specifically

assess every individual chart that passes through our hands. We concentrate on your potential, your challenges, your gifts and the opportunities that lie in your future. We are a full service astrological entity.
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